an invention to pat yourself on the back



      This invention is useful for providing a self-administered pat-on-the-back or a congratulatory gesture providing, in the words of the inventor ‘ a needed psychological lift.’ He suggests, ‘ . . . the device of the present invention may also be utilized to impart significant psychological benefits to the user. In this connection, it is well known in the art and practice of self-administered positive reinforcement activity that various techniques can be successfully employed to extol the virtues of one’s actions and thoughts. For example, it has been reported that many wealthy and successful individuals engage in conversations with themselves, that is, they talk to themselves. Such an activity is understandable in view of the often small populace of self-motivated individuals and in view of the large volume of self-defeatist conversation known to emanate from those of low self esteem’ So, go on, you owe it to yourself – buy one and give yourself a pat.


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