Three men, all of them about 65, went deep-sea fishing off the coast of South Africa.

untitled (142) They hadn’t been out long when one of the three became violently seasick. Worse, as he vomited over the side he lost his set of false teeth. Nauseous, angry and depressed, the frustrated fisherman went off by himself into the ship’s cabin. Not long afterwards, one of the fishermen hooked a swordfish. They called to their friend to come out and share the excitement of the catch, but he wasn’t interested. “Let’s try to cheer him up a bit,” the guy who caught the fish said. With that, he removed his own set of false teeth and put them in the swordfish’s mouth. Then he called to his friend, “Charlie! Come here! You’ll never believe it. This fish has got your teeth in its mouth!” Charlie hurried out of the cabin. He opened the swordfish’s mouth and pulled out the false teeth. “It’s a miracle!” he said. “What are the chances of you boys catching the fish that swallowed my teeth?” But as he inspected the set more closely, Charlie lost his enthusiasm. “I knew it was too good to be true,” he said. “These teeth aren’t mine.” And before his friends could say another word, Charlie tossed the false teeth


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