fumble parties

Fumble Parties

Back in the early 1950s, fumble parties became all the rage, according to Life magazine (July 14, 1952), which offered this description of them:

A person is chosen ‘it’ by drawing the high card from a deck. ‘It’ goes to another room while the other players add and subtract clothes, put on masks or disguise themselves in other ways.
When everyone is disguised, they all fling themselves down into a huddle on the floor, making a confused tangle of bodies, arms, and legs. Then the lights are turned off. ‘It’ reenters the room and, by fumbling among the tangled bodies, tries to identify a person. If someone is identified, then he or she becomes ‘it’. But if the fumbler makes an error he must pay a penalty decided upon by the group.

So it was a bunch of adults feeling each other up in the dark. Sounds like a swinging good time!

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