Patricia McCormick, Female Bullfighter

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Patricia McCormick, Female Bullfighter

There haven’t been many female bullfighters, and being a female bullfighter back in the 1950s made Patricia McCormick even more of an oddity. Wikipedia offers this brief bio of her:

Patricia debuted as a bullfighter in September 1951 in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. She joined the Matador’s Union soon after and began bullfighting as a professional Matadora in January 1952. Throughout her decade-long career, she fought in 300 corridas throughout Mexico and Venezuela. Six times bulls gored her, once so seriously that a priest administered last rites.

Wikigender has some info about the history of female bullfighting:

Women have fought bulls since the 18th century, but a law in 1908 banned then from the ring on the grounds of “decency and public morality”. The restriction was lifted in the 1930s but reimposed by the dictator Francisco Franco in 1940. It was lifted again only after his death in 1975. Women bullfighters still remain rare.

Read more about McCormick here and here.


2 thoughts on “Patricia McCormick, Female Bullfighter

  1. Lady has guts that won’t be found here. I’d probably wet myself! I didn’t even know there were amy women who were bullfighters. I guess you really do learn something new every day


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