If the swing fits …

Man-Child Lubes Himself into Baby Swing, Gets Stuck Overnight

Categories: WTF?
If the swing fits …

A Vallejo man was found wailing like a babySaturday morning in a child’s swing at Blue Rock Springs Park, where he had been stuck for more than nine hours. 

The adult man reportedly made a $100 bet with friends, who said they would pay him if he could get inside the swing, which are designed for infants and toddlers. While the man was clever enough to find a way into the swing — using laundry detergent for lube — he wasn’t quite ingenious enough to get out of the swing.

To make matters worse, the man’s so-called buddies left him there — swinging through the night, according to police.

He wasn’t found until Saturday at about 6 a.m. when a park worker heard the man screaming, and called police, according to news reports.

When the cops arrived, they worked to cut the swing down and transported the man — in the swing — to Kaiser Permanente, where doctors used a cast-cutter to detach him from the swing.

The only injury the man suffered was humiliation.


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