Bear falls into family home through skylight then eats all their cupcakes

cupcakes gif animadoThe young male was initially stunned from his fall – but then tucked into the lemon blueberry  peanut butter treats.

Uninvited guest: A black bear similar to the one which invaded a family home

A bear gatecrashed a birthday party and ate all the cupcakes after falling through a skylight into a family home.

Glen Merrill and Alicia Bishop were expecting guests any minute for their son Jackson’s first birthday when the young male crashed into the living room of their house in Alaska.

Glen, 45, told his local newspaper: “I was literally in the room and I heard this cracking. The next thing you know there’s this bear that, I mean literally, fell right from [the skylight]. I don’t know who was more stunned.”

The dazed creature quickly recovered from his fall – then casually tucked in to the lemon blueberry and peanut butter cupcakes they had laid out for the party, the couple told the the Juneau Empire.

Alicia, 33, said: “The bear walks over and puts its paws up on the table and starts licking his birthday cupcakes, and I’m just like: ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.'”

The couple managed to shoo it outside while Jackson’s grandparents took him upstairs to safety.

But it didn’t go far.

Alicia said: “It was up by the window like: ‘I want more cupcakes.'”

Ryan Scott, of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said: “Bears are extremely curious and will stake out any source of food they can find.”

A black bear – believed to be the same one – entered another home in the area about half an hour later and was shot dead by police.
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