15 Of The Strangest Items TSA Has Confiscated

By now,most of us realize with tightened airport security

and TSA checking every baggage for even the slightest

risk, we don’t even think about bringing certain things on

the plane.

Not these people.

They thought throwing stars, fireworks and even swords could pass through security without a problem. See the 15 strangest items TSA has confiscated.

1. Fireworks. To celebrate your plane departing on time.
2. Mortar rounds. Do people lack common sense?
3. When was the last time anyone needed throwing stars on a plane? Never.
4. No, 81 pounds of marijuana will not pass TSA inspection.
5. Bear repellent. For those annoying bears sitting next to you.
6. Flails. I can’t even.
7. Fake watches that look like bombs. Because bombs don’t cause scenes at airports.
8. Drugs hidden inside books. What, TSA doesn’t like reading?
9. A meat cleaver. For emergency inflight meat cutting.
10. Swords hidden inside canes. Seriously, who needs a sword?
11. Lipstick tubes hiding tasers inside.
12. Batarangs. They are bat-shaped throwing weapons. Still not allowed.
13. Knives hidden inside combs. Why?
14. Knives hidden inside credit card-looking things. Not allowed.
15. Smartphone cases with knives. Look, NO knives on planes.

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