Awesome Mullets


We all know mullets, the business in the front party in the back hair “style” that’s the source of amusement to most of us.  But what are some of the best mullets?  What about famous mullets?  Here’s a collection of awesome mullets worn by people both famous and not.  Enjoy.

The Asian Mullet

Asian Mullet

A beautiful mix of the eraser high top popularized by Kid and a mullet.  This is a level of commitment to both styles that you just don’t see any more.

The Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet

Long before he was the father of Hannah Montana, Billy Ray Cyrus was rocking through America singing his hit single, Achy Breaky Heart, these days Billy Ray has ditched the mullet for something more contemporary, but those of us that remember his singing days will always picture him with a mullet.

Child Mullet

Child Mullet

This is just wrong.  Parents that let their children do this to themselves should be visited by child protective services.  Also, I’m not entirely sure that this child’s parents aren’t brother and sister.  I’m just saying what we’re all thinking.

The Chuck Norris Mullet

Chuck Norris Mullet

Mr. Chuck Norris can wear whatever hair style he damn well pleases.  Please don’t roundhouse kick me.

High and Tight Mullet

High and Tight Mullet

An impressive mix of the high and tight hair style popular in the military with a long flowing party in the back.  I really want to believe that he cuts his hair at home.

Jared Allen Mullet

Jared Allen Mullet

He cut it off at the behest of his now bride for their wedding, but we all loved and miss Jared Allen’s mullet.  While most people would think that a professional athlete making millions of dollars could pay a stylist to give him a modern style, I would argue that has made a name for himself sacking quarterbacks can wear his hair however he wants.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Mullet

Jean-Claude Van Damme Mullet

Another celebrity that’s shed his mullet, but as this picture shows, a mulletted Jean-Claude Van Damme can bite the tail off a rattlesnake.

The John Stamos Mullet

John Stamos Mullet

Oh Uncle Jessie.  While his love of his hair was the source of much humor during the show Full House, eventually John Stamos and his character Uncle Jessie parted ways with his mullet.  These days Stamos sports a much shorter hair cut as I believe his ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn, got the hair in the divorce.

The Kiefer Sutherland Mullet

Kiefer Sutherland Mullet

Ok, first of all, ladies.  Do you see this?  This is a movie vampire.  Notice the distinct lack of sparkling?  Friggin Twilight.  Moving on.  The mix of spiked bleach blonde hair and a mullet is something we all miss from the 80′s.

Lady Mullets

Here are a couple of epic Lady Mullets, or SheMullets.

Lady Mullet

Not only is she rocking a lady flat top, but a lady mullet.  So hot.

Lady Mullet and Overalls

I don’t know if I’ve ever been less turned on in my entire life.

MacGyver Mullet

MacGyver Mullet

Richard Dean Anderson eventually ditched the mullet as he moved on to Stargate: SG-1, but we all remember his crafty character from the 80′s action/adventure show.  He may have sported a mullet, but his character’s name has also become synonymous with finding inventive solutions to problems, so we’ll call it a life win.

Redneck Mullet

Redneck Mullet

This man may be my new hero.  A heady mix of mullet, buzzcut, and truly amazing facial hair makes this quite possibly the most awesome mullet ever.

Couple Mullet

Mullet Couple

The couple that wears a mullet together stays together I guess.

The Patrick Swayze Mullet

Patrick Swayze Mullet

I like to think that Patrick Swayze is up in heaven, dirty dancing and sporting a mullet.  Miss you Swayze.

There are far too many pictures of mullets on the internet to put them all here, but these are some good ones.  If you’ve got some other great ones, share with us.


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