Kellogg’s Surprises Grandmother With Disgusting Prize In Box Of

Crunchy Nut Cereal

AUG 27, 14Kellogg’s Surprises Grandmother With Disgusting Prize In Box Of Crunchy Nut Cereal

We all know the prizes in cereal boxes have gone downhill. Several years ago, children would fight over getting the toy inside the box of cereal. But now? You get nothing but confusing mail-in rebates and diabetes.

And a grandmother in the United Kingdom found something even worse inside her box of Crunchy Nut cereal. That’s right, she found something even more horrifying than diabetes.

She found a mouse! Check out the photo down below…


Disgusting, right? 50-year-old Pamela Henderson claims she was pouring her 2-year-old grandson a bowl of cereal when she noticed the mouse hanging out inside the box.

“It was horrible. If [my grandson] Toby had eaten it I could have been rushing him to the hospital. Goodness knows how long the mouse was in the box or if it was dead or alive when it went in.”

She tossed the box inside the freezer and notified environmental officials. Henderson apparently purchased the cereal from the supermarket Tesco.



A spokesman for the supermarket told the Daily Mail the following…

“We set ourselves the highest standards for the quality and safety of the food we sell and were concerned to hear of this. We would like to thank Ms Henderson for alerting us and we will work with the supplier to support their investigation.”

Kellogg’s offered to send the grandmother a new box of cereal, but she declined their gracious offer.

Source: Mirror

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