Woman Has No Idea How Dead Body Ended Up In The Trunk Of Her Car

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Posted: 09/15/2014 11:21 am EDT Updated: 23 minutes ago

Police are investigating a body found in the trunk of a woman's car.

A California woman searching for the source of a foul odor in her car made a grisly discovery on Saturday — a dead body in the trunk of the vehicle.

The woman was in the parking lot of a Walmart store in Riverside when she found the male corpse in her gold Lexus GS 300.

“She was freaking out,” witness Robert Lugan told CBS Los Angeles. “They had to put her in a squad car and take her home.”

Authorities eliminated the woman, a resident of Pomona, as a suspect in the ongoing investigation of the man’s death.

“She’s just an innocent victim,” Pomona police Lt. Ron McDonald said, according toInland Valley Daily Bulletin.

The deceased individual was later identified as Miguel Angel Perez, 33, of Pomona. Police said that Perez lived in a vacant house in the woman’s neighborhood.

“It’s very unusual,” Sgt. Dave Amador of the Riverside Police Department told CBS Los Angeles. “It’s one of a kind. I mean, we do get bodies in trunks. But to open it up and say they know him. And didn’t know they were in there, that’s unusual.”




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