Artist Recreates Happy Meal Packaging With an Amusing Pop Culture


If you haven’t eaten a McDonald’s Happy Meal in a while, you might’ve forgotten what they look like. But, even so, we can guarantee you that they don’t look like this. Artist Newt Clements has reimagined the iconic fast food packaging and replaced its standard bright red box with pop culture icons, movies, and television shows. They even come complete with a new toy!

Clements created a plethora of Happy Meal tribute boxes that include films like The Shining, shows like Breaking Bad, and celebrities like Nikki Minaj. And, of course there’s one dedicated to Grumpy Cat. It’s an amusing and well-crafted series that’s fun and subversive at the same time.

While some who see the unique Happy Meals “get” the joke, Clements has fooled others into thinking that they’re real. His “Ouija board” design caused a backlash when shared on…


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