ONLY IN AMERICA – The 7 Most Dangerous Things Kids Found in Halloween Candy This Year

The 7 Most Dangerous Things Kids Found in Halloween Candy This



Sometimes people are careless and accidentally drop stuff into Halloween candy bags, but most of the time people are just perverse assholes and put needles inside of candy. You can’t even feel safe eating Halloween candy, one of the simple joys in life.

Halloween was last Friday and some pretty sick things were found in kids’ Halloween candy and candy bags. Luckily the candy was checked and no one was hurt in these instances.




According to the Sun Journal, an Auburn, Maine, man found a sewing needle in a fun size Snickers bar that one of his kids received this weekend. Jason Levesque said that outside of urban legends, he’d never thought this had actually happened.



61FFd6fcURL._SL1003_There is some candy out there that looks like the Blue Sky meth the mighty Heisenberg sold in Breaking Bad, but that’s not what this 8-year-old girl found in her bag of Halloween candy. According to the Contra Costa Times, a bag of 0.1 grams of crystal meth was found in the bag of the young girl, who lives in Hercules, CA.


Razor Blade


There were a couple instances of razor blades found inside candy this Halloween. According to Press of Atlantic City, a blade was found inside a Tootsie Roll in New Jersey. According to MyFox8, there was a separate incident in North Carolina where a razor was found inside a Twix bar.


Shard of Glass


In Buffalo, NY, police received a complaint of glass found inside a Tootsie Pop. Buffalo News said that a woman found the glass while celebrating Beggar’s Night with her children. Apparently Beggar’s Night is some kind of East Coast thing, which is the same as trick or treating.



bullets candy

According to KFOR, an Ohio woman found bullets inside four boxes of her son’s Milk Duds. Each box contained three bullets for a .22 caliber hand gun. Worst of all, the candy was distributed by the kid’s preschool.


Nails and Staples

nails candy

In Spokane, WA, a woman found several metal objects inside the candy her children picked up this Halloween. Her son and a friend were munching on the candy and the friend bit into a nail. The nail poked him, but didn’t cause major harm. As they searched through the rest of the candy, several pieces had nails, staples and watch parts inside.


Wedding Ring


According to ABC News, a woman claimed to accidentally drop her wedding ring inside a kid’s Halloween bag. The woman took off her ring when helping her daughter carve a pumpkin and put the ring in a candy jar. On the surface, a wedding ring doesn’t sound like a dangerous thing to find in your candy bag, but I’d argue marriage can be dangerous.

Main PicThx @RWells88

Isai Rocha

Isai is the self-proclaimed, “Kanye West of burrito eating.” He has a hard time trusting vegans, ranch dressing and people who own more than one cat.



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