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French maids never wore mini-skirts, stiletto heels, and fishnet stockings; that image originated in the U.S. on the vaudeville stage.

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Before he wrote Jaws, Peter Benchley was a speechwriter for LBJ.


In South Africa prior to 1985, it was illegal for individuals of European ancestry and non-European ancestry to marry one another.


Minnows have teeth in their throats.

Submitted by Jack Lee – Wichita


Yahoo! is an acronym for “Yet Another Hiearchical Officious Oracle.” David Filo and Jerry Yang were in a trailer in Palo Alto, Calif., thinking of a name for their hobby!


Japan is commonly thought of as a tiny island nation, but it’s actually about the size of California. In fact, it’s larger than many European countries.


Submitted by Raina van Setter – Murfreesboro, TN


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While many think Hydrox cookies were an Oreo knock-off, Hydrox actually came first. They were first made in 1908, four years before the Oreo.


The Brothers Grimm didn’t write much of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. They simply recorded the stories they were told by locals and gathered them into a collection.


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