10 Dirty Little Pleasures Of Life Everyone Has

10 Dirty Little Pleasures Of Life Everyone Has

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You know that feeling when you finally put your finger in your ear and then the getting away with that small tingle? Do you know that feeling you get when you take your shoes off after a very tiring day at work? Or when you eat something that your lover cooked for you in the middle of the night? Sounds pretty cool nah?But what about the nasty underrated pleasures that you enjoy even more than that? What about the ones that you love so much more, yet you never actually talk about it, unless of course you are hanging out with your best friends and sometimes not even with them? We got the swagger to write it down for you all. Hell yeah !
1. To be able to “Pee” after a loooooong wait.
2. When your crush finally knows that you have a crush on them
3. To finally scratch on that itch that had been tickling
4. Killing the shit out of that annoying mosquito
5. Having a really good dump. Like really relieving.
6. Wind in your hair
7. Get that piece of food out of teeth using your tongue
8. Farting silently in public and getting away with it
9. Eating like a pig
10. Doing nothing

Too lazy to write anything here….


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