Go-to goat decor for the Chinese New Year
On the hunt for Chinese New Year-appropriate home goods? We’ve got your goat.

Welcome goats into your home this year without worry of chewed-up ottomans and round-the-clock bleating. (Image: maradonna 8888/Shutterstock)

As I’ve noted previously, the four-legged trash disposal known as the goat appears to be enjoying quite the moment as curious-tongued ruminants continue to find gainful employment, plot their Texas takeover and emit million-dollar screams in Super Bowl commercials.
And the public’s admiration for this most au courant farm animal shows no signs of waning as we enter the Chinese New Year, which, drum roll please, happens to be … The Year of the Goat.
For those who enjoy incorporating the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac into their home décor, 2015 should be a doozy — the new lunar cycle officially kicks off in just a couple of short weeks on Feb. 19. While some animals represented in the Chinese zodiac such as the snake and horse lend themselves to certain “vibes” when translated into interior design (an opium den and 12-year-old girl’s bedroom circa 1978, respectively), the goat is relatively easy to work with as it projects a versatile, non-offensive hipster agrarian aesthetic that works in most any room of the house.
Below, I’ve herded 11 caprine-themed items for the home, all sure to appeal to goat sign-ers and those who love them (common personality traits of those born under the sign include honesty, creativity, consistency and calmness). Many, but not all, of my picks are handmade and/or made from eco-friendly materials. And given the goat’s popularity as a livestock animal, some of my picks are even made from goat (hair and milk, to be exact), a quality you’d probably be hard-pressed to find during the Year of the Rat or, ummm, the Year of the Dragon.
Mooreland Wall Art, Goat by Starla Michelle Halfmann @ Anthropologie ($128)
Read more: http://www.mnn.com/your-home/remodeling-design/blogs/go-to-goat-decor-for-the-chinese-new-year#ixzz3QzbmncQF

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