bizarre news

Nicole Solomon with her husband
Nicole Solomon with her husband

Nicole Solomon, 31, was sentenced to only 3.5 years last Thursday for running over her husband, because he didn’t vote in the 2012 presidential election. The woman found out her husband didn’t vote against Obama on Election Day: November 6, 2012. She felt that Obama in office would create hardship for her family. Enraged, Nicole chased her husband around a parking lot with a car; yelling at him as he attempted to hide behind a light pole. That didn’t save him. The woman went around it and plowed over him. She sure taught him a lesson. I guess the judge didn’t like Obama either; the woman only received a few years behind bars.

2. Students dance dead cats to music in biology class.

Students dancing dead cats

An Oklahoma school was abhorred by a video of a biology class showing students engaging in a choreographed dance with deceased cats. The students from Oklahoma City’s Harding Charter Preparatory High School danced the dead cats to music. Where was the teacher? The school stated that the dead cats should be treated with dignity and that the students made a mistake. Maybe, they just didn’t like cats?

3. A man pronounced dead moves.

A 46 year old Milwaukee man was pronounced dead after being found cold, pale, and stiff on his bed. His girlfriend alerted authorities when she had not heard from him in days. First responders did not attempt to resuscitate him. The medical examiner arrived shortly after and pronounced him dead. As they started to bag him, the man began to move. I guess he didn’t want to be put in the bag. He was rushed to the nearby hospital; where he is currently alive. Hopefully, they won’t be so quick next time to pronounce him dead.


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