8 Crazy Facts About #Fake Blood in Movies

By July 31, 2015

Are you impressed with how special-effects teams in Hollywood have mastered fake blood? Here are eight things you may not have known about the sticky stuff.


The most common blood formula is corn syrup with food dyes.


If you’re shooting blood in black-and-white, you can use chocolate syrup. It’s what they used in most Hitchcock films.


One of the films that tops that volume of blood is “The Shining”.


In the movie “True Blood”, the makeup artists mastered the blood tears by laying in the tears, and then visual effects will do the actual drop, because there’s only so close you can bring that stuff to the eye.


Gashes on face made by sugar-and-detergent blood can damage skins. But those gashes do look realistic.


For gunshot-style wounds, some effects guys use a condom. They affix that to the wardrobe, then put a small explosive charge called a squid between the blood bag and the performer.


Dermalogica PreCleanse, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and foaming shaving cream is used to clean fake blood.


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