Cute Facts About Turtles That You Do Not Want To Miss

By July 24, 2015

Turtles had walked the earth at the very same time as dinosaurs. They’re fun to care for and fascinating to watch, making them popular pets for families and hobbyists alike. Here are some cute facts about them.


#Turtles make sounds, even though they lack vocal cords.


Turtles males select potential mates by sniffing tails.


Turtles have existed for around 215 million years, nearly as old as the dinosaurs.


The largest turtle is the leatherback sea turtle, it can weigh over 2000 pounds.


Leatherback sea turtles can travel more than 10,000 miles every year.


Turtles cry, but not because they’re sad.


A tortoise is a turtle, but a turtle isn’t a tortoise.


Some turtles can go months without needing oxygen.


Turtle eggs that are kept at warm temperatures produce females, while those at cool temperatures make males.

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