Some pretty, some ugly, some heartbreaking, and some showing you a world you’ve never seen.  Enjoy them! 

Best missed call ever – missing IED trigger.

This is part of a Norwegian prison where an inmate can be with his family for one night if he haven’t gotten “temporary leave” to visit them.

A collection of prison shanks.

The menu from Alcatraz Prison.

Prisoner-made guns.  You can’t help but admire the ingenuity.

Chimps mourning.  Her name was Dorothy. She died in 2008 in her 40′s as a result of congestive heart failure. She had been abused at an amusement park in Cameroon for 25 years until she was rescued in 2000 and brought to a rehabilitation camp.

After Rhode Island accidentally legalized prostitution, rape offenses dropped in the state.

A nurse studies the veins of a premature baby.

Suite styles ten years apart.

Bullet riddled homes on the Gaza Strip.

Sixteen stories below Manhattan.

A 1969 Ferrari 250 GTO worth about 35 million.

A father of four boys who were killed playing football in Gaza.

A Swedish McDonalds.

A mountain village in Iran.

How much it costs to make things at a McDonalds.

A kidney stone under magnification.

Eggshell with more than 2,000 holes drilled in it, Franc Grom.

A kidney stone passed out of the body the hard way… right through the pee hole.

This is an Ashera breed of cat. They go for $22,000–$125,000.

A private supersonic jet that will use external cameras and large displays instead of windows.

This Criminal Sketch Artist Is So Accurate That She’s Solved Over 1,000 Crimes

In 34 years of work, Lois Gibson has helped police solve well over 1,000 crimes. According to Guinness World Records, that makes her The World’s Most Successful Police Sketch Artist.


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