Doughnut fries: As in fries made of doughnut
Where’s our cupcake burger (Picture: raask/Reddit)

There’s a place in California where you can get doughnut fries. And now our life is complete.

Before we go any further, we are aware these are basically churros dressed up as fast food. But, quite honestly, we don’t care.

Because we’re just enjoying the concept of doughnut fries – and looking at this picture, which was shared on Reddit a couple of weeks ago.

The doughnut fries (or donut fries if you’re American) were created by San Jose bakery Psycho Donuts and they come served in a tray, along with two dipping sauces made to look like ketchup and mayo. They’re actually raspberry jam and Bavarian cream.

And while it doesn’t look as though the fries are still on the menu (and even if they were, we doubt Psycho Donuts deliver to the UK), we’ve found this handy how-to by Nicko online.

Thank god for Nicko.

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