Pigmies with blowguns in San Francisco!

Pigmies with blowguns in San Francisco!

Good afternoon all. This just in. There appears to be pygmies conducting guerrilla blowgun attacks in San Francisco!


According to Fox News, two people have been hit by darts fired from a blowgun. Here are the details:

Authorities say two pedestrians were hit by blow darts while walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. The California Highway Patrol says an officer patrolling the bridge on bicycle was flagged down Friday by a man who had been hit in the leg.


The San Francisco Chronicle reports the 5-inch long dart had sunk about two inches into the man’s skin. Officials say that as emergency personnel were speaking with the man, a woman approached them and said she too had been hit by a blow dart in the knee. Both were evaluated by paramedics and released at the scene.


That’s it! We must have blowgun control! How many more must be darted before we restrict the possession of these dangerous implements of destruction? The writers of the Constitution never envisioned these deadly high capacity lung powered weapons of mass darting! They must be banned immediately! It’s for the children.


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