Most Fascinating Conspiracy Theories

Most Fascinating Conspiracy Theories

Close-up of a Common Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri sciureus; shallow DOF)

Close-up of a Common Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri sciureus; shallow DOF)

It may be human nature that almost everyone is interested in hearing stories whether stories with factual basis or some stories that are merely heresay or rumor.  We have this insatiable apetite for stories that would challenge our imagination and judgement.  That is why, we all love to hear and read conspiracy theories no matter how ridiculous one story may be.  Some conspiracy theories have been around for years now, and you cannot help but wonder why the stories never die of natural cause, could there be some truth to it or some people are just imagining things?  Many theories were already been debunked, but the persistence of the conspiracy theorists were unwavering.  Which led me to think that, we will see what we wanted to see and we will believe what we wanted to believe.

Below, I list down the most fascinating conspiracy theories out there that made so many people doubt the things they know and things people made them to believe.

1. Moon Landing is a Hoax

This has got to be one of my most favorite conspiracy theories out there. Apollo 11 has brought the first two people to ever stepped on the moon and 5 more missions followed with Apollo 17 being the last mission to ever did walk in the surface of the moon on 1972. After more than 43 years, this conspiracy theory is still being debated anywhere. The reasons the theorists provided somewhat made sense if only NASA didn’t rebuke each and every theory. Conspiracy theorists worked diligently to prove that the landings were all fake: pictures were heavily scrutinized, every detailed examined, interviews dissected and every reason possible presented.

Conspiracy theorists argued that the Moon Landing is fake because:
a.) The American Flag is apparently waving in an airless atmosphere
b.) The pictures were devoid of stars
c.) Shadows are not parallel to the object or to the man pictured
d.) Impossible to pass through the Van Allen Radiation belt
e.) USA never came back.

These are only five of the arguments that were presented and these don’t include the conspiracy theory surrounding about Stanley Kubrick’s recruitment by NASA to film the landing and that he left surreptitious evidence on his movie The Shining. Unlike any other conspiracy theories that were downright laughable, this one can make you think and question whether we really landed on the moon. Whether that was a sham and all for the show, only NASA knows.

2. Paul McCartney is Dead

My fascination with Conspiracy theories started with Paul is Dead theory. This infamous Beatles theory has been the talked of the town for almost 50 years now and arguably the most popular and most intriguing one, partially because of the behemoth success that was the Beatles. It was said that the real Paul McCartney died on a vehicular accident on 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike. And that look-alike has a name, Billy Shears or William Campbell, depending on whom you ask, the one we’ve been watching and listening to, throughout the years.

Conspiracy theorists said that the Beatles has left numerous clues on their posters, music and albums like…
a.) Bass guitar wreath on the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club album cover
b.) The whole Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club album cover is full of clues
c.) Paul McCartney was shoeless on the famous Abbey Road album cover
d.) If you play I’m so Tired backwards, you can hear John singing, “Paul is dead, I miss him, I miss him”
e.) At the end of Strawberry Fields, the voice of John can be heard saying, “I buried Paul”.

It wasn’t really hard to believe that someone can look exactly like Paul but to find someone who looks exactly like him and sounds exactly like him, that was far-fetched but not really impossible if you believe in the premise that “nothing is impossible.” Despite that glaring impossibility, many people still believed and continue to believe that the Beatles has made the greatest deception to all their avid fans and to the public.

3. Da Vinci Code Conspiracy Theory

This conspiracy theory has nothing to do with the authenticity of Jesus and the bible, instead, it revolves around the fact that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and that Mary Magdalene is in fact the holy grail, at least according to the clues allegedly present on Da Vinci’s works. Even before the magnificent book of Dan Brown came out, there were already speculations about Jesus being in a relationship with Mary Magdalene. This story has just gotten a wider audience when the book came out. Brown has expected a lot of backlash and criticisms from people especially among Catholics, for their beliefs have been challenged and questioned and he wasn’t disappointed.  The books and the suceeding movie were banned on some parts of the world.

According to the book, clues about Magdalene being the holy grail and her important relationship with Jesus can be found on Da Vinci’s works such as…
a.) On his painting The Last Supper, it is said that the figure seated beside Jesus is in fact a woman, and that is Mary Magdalene
b.) From the same painting, the cup from which Jesus drank, the holy grail was noticeably absent, proof that the holy grail could be in fact a person not an object
c.) On his masterpiece Monalisa, it is said that the portrait was an androgyny, and that it is a representation of the sacred union of masculine and feminine, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, respectively.

Furthermore, the book has implied that aside from Mary Magdalene being Jesus’ wife, she was never a prostitute, came from a royal family, and that the real identity was just covered up by the church. To make it more interesting, it was revealed that they have an offspring named Sara and that their bloodline is still alive. There is no doubt that this theory can make a good reading, but whether or not this is correct, it all boils down to one’s faith.

4. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Not long after the attack on the twin towers, conspiracy theories had started to  appear questioning the legitimacy of what everyone knows to be a terrorist attack. It was a very mournful day not only in the US but around the world as this proved that we weren’t safe from any kinds of terrorism. Osama Bin Laden, the then head of the Islamic group, Al-Queda has claimed responsibility to the attack but it didn’t stop conspiracy theorists from coming up with their own side of the story.

Conspiracy theorists claimed…
a.) The rapid collapse of the twin towers were said to be caused by controlled demolitions
b.) Former President Bush knew about the attacks beforehand to justify his desire to wage war on Iraq
c.) It was next to impossible that the Pentagon, the most advanced military headquarter in the world can be attacked by anyone, and without them not knowing it.
d.) Tower 7 which wasn’t hit by a plane but collapsed was a hard evidence to prove their claims.

The government had already debunked all claims but the theorist and its supporters were unshaken and firm on their beliefs. If the conspiracy theories are to be believed, then this must be the biggest deception made against everybody and the most bitter pill to swallow.

5. Area 51/Roswell

Area 51 is less than a hundred miles away from Las Vegas, Nevada and is the most secretive military headquarter in the world. It is also one of the few places in the world that the public cannot go into. It is believed that the military headquarter holds the deepest secrets about extraterrestrial beings and that the disclosure of it can be tantamount to world panic.

Conspiracy theories revolves around…
a.) In July 1947, Mac Brazer discovered some debris, unidentified, in Roswell
b.) The government then transported the debris to Area 51 to examine
c.) The secrecy of it was because it carried aliens
d.) There are enough statements from people either seeing UFOs or hearing strange out-of-this-world sounds
e.) And that anyone divulging information about this will receive a visit from the people they called, Men in Black.

In a report by CNN, the CIA acknowledged the existence of the headquarter and that it is used as a testing ground of covert military aircraft. Up to this point, Area 51 has remained to be one of the most intriguing places in the world.

6. Elvis Presley is Alive

Now, a story which is directly opposite to what was told about Paul McCartney, this one, their claiming that someone who has died long time ago is still alive. Elvis Presley, the king of Rock and Roll has died on 1977 at the age of 42, much to the misery of all his fans around the world. The fascination on Elvis hasn’t stopped on his death because many conspiracy theorists provided evidence that the King of Rock and Roll is still very much alive based on numerous sightings all over the world.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that…
a.) Elvis has faked his own death to live a normal life away from media presence and the public eye
b.) Some Colonel’s stepson died on the same day and Elvis used that opportunity to disappear
c.) The sheer volume of public sightings of Elvis can no longer be ignored.

Elvis Presley was so loved by many that some of them may had a hard time accepting that the person they idolized and worshipped like God was no longer alive and hold on to their faith that maybe, even just an iota, he was still somewhere walking, drinking scotch and having a simple life. If ever this theory is proven to be true, the fact that the man himself chose to faked his death, meant that he wanted to be alone and everyone should respect that. He has given us more than enough entertainment and good music, let the man be what he wanted. That is, if the theory is to be believed.

7. The Holohoax

Holocaust is probably one of the biggest crimes ever committed to a group of people and arguably the most unjustified implementation of power. It is well documented that photographs and eyewitnesses accounts were well-preserved and yet there are still conspiracy theories contesting the legitimacy of the Holocaust. After so many years, few people are claiming that the Holocaust never did take place and the rest of the hardships during World War II were all exaggerated and stories were all embellished.

Conspiracy theorists claimed….
a.) Holocaust never happened
b.) It was collaborated by the Jews to advance their own interest and to validate the creation of Israel
c.) The famous book of Anne Frank was not penned by herself but just used as a propaganda
d.) That concentration camps were true but the death on the camps were caused by famine and diseases and not by Nazi’s policy to exterminate the Jews.

How could anyone ever question the veracity of the events that was well documented and that more than a thousand survivors’ assented to, is beyond me.


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